How many times sales is a business worth?

In general, a company's valuation is determined by one-time sales, within a given range and twice the sales revenue. Earnings per time are calculated by dividing a company's sales price by the company's previous 12 months of revenue. The result indicates how many times the annual revenue a buyer was willing to pay for a company. Companies that are valued based on a multiple of their profits (or earnings before interest and taxes) are valued using the methodology of evaluating the capitalization of future maintainable earnings.

Request a personalized valuation of your company to get the most accurate picture of what your company would likely sell and how long it could take to complete the transaction. The published Business Reference Guide contains a long list of metrics by which, according to experts from all over the country, companies should sell or sell. Valuing small businesses often involves finding the absolute lowest price someone would pay for the business, known as the minimum limit, often the liquidation value of the company's assets, and then determining an upper limit someone could pay, such as a multiple of current income. Of course, some industries earn lower and lower multiples of profits and there will always be companies that sold at bargain prices, while others sold at higher prices.

Of course, this can present challenges for companies that have a large niche, as the sample size of comparable companies can be quite small. The higher the multiple, the lower the risk that the company will continue to obtain the level of profits that is multiplying. Small business owners can determine the value of the business to aid in financial planning or in preparing to sell the business. Once the maximum limit and maximum limit have been calculated, the business owner can determine the value or what someone might be willing to pay to acquire the business.

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